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Sarah Mass is an actor, teaching artist, and musician based in Los Angeles, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Since receiving her BA in Theatre from Boston College, Sarah has worked predominately in regional theatre, performing everything from Beckett to Brecht to brand-new plays… not to mention a whole lot of Shakespeare.

Sarah comes from a musical theatre background, and is a trained singer, dancer, and musician. She began digging deeper into the craft of acting as a teen, and has studied at institutions such as the British American Drama Academy in London, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company in Boston, MA, the University of North Carolina School for The Arts, and more.

She loves to devise, collaborate, and experiment with other artists, and sincerely wants her art to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Sarah believes in the importance of using her power as an actor/creator to tell stories that have gone untold. She is especially passionate about bringing the female experience into the spotlight, and seeks work that will empower her and other women.

Sarah also believes in having fun and in taking her work, but not herself, too seriously.

When off-stage or off-set, Sarah uses her skills as a performer to teach young people the art of story-telling and how to express themselves creatively. You can take a look at her work as a teaching artist here. She is also the co-founder of House Lights, a new non-profit fellowship empowering young artists to put their unique talents towards public service.

Sarah’s other love in life is music. She is a self-taught guitarist and writes songs as a hobby. She can make you a killer mix-tape, and wants to go check out that band with you! Her debut album, The Library EP, was released in April 2022. 

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